A Very Animated Kitchen Walk-Through

This actually makes me feel kind of sick when I watch it... but in a good way. 

This is the final walk-through of what the kitchen will look like. Complete with ceiling beams! Of course, we would never paint our ceiling Cavern Clay but you get the point. 

We’ve slightly altered the plan for the cabinets. Everyone please try to look shocked that there are more design changes. There was originally going to be a 4” gap (mood lighting!) above the cabinets so they wouldn’t go all the way to the ceiling but that was throwing off the beams. We built out a tiny soffit with molding around the perimeter of the room so that the molding and the beams will all become one piece! So now we have 39” upper cabinets and then 16” lighted cabinets with glass doors stacked on top for a total of 55” of cabinets.

We don’t do anything the easy way.

I also love this video because it makes our house look like it is spinning out of control in some strange Wizard of Oz tornado.