Haven’t you ever wanted to kill someone? Especially your husband?

A romantic comedy set in the fast-paced world of Beverly Hills – but these are not your average desperate housewives. Hollis Whitney is a successful and fabulous HGTV hostess on the brink of turning 40. She also happens to be madly in love with her carpenter even though she is married to sleazy movie director Frank Fielder. When Hollis discovers that Frank is diddling his latest (and much younger) leading lady, she sets out on a mission to kill him off. Her bitchy Beverly Hills friends catch wind of her plan and insist on helping her plot out the perfect murder. Together the women use their power and connections to help Hollis dig the hole that will bury Frank – figuratively and literally.

What follows is a tale of the unique skills each woman brings to the plan and a moving story about long-lost love, finding yourself, onion rings and the importance of pink. Killing your husband could just be the secret to a happy ending.


Would you live a sparkling, glamorous lie for a few million dollars?

Closeted Hollywood action movie superstar John Hamilton has a secret, and he needs the perfect trophy wife to help cover it up. Xanax-popping bad actress Jenna Wells needs a miracle and a makeover. After a string of bad PR moves (she may have accidentally stabbed her last boyfriend in a crowded restaurant) and even worse movies, Jenna is out of work and out of money —making her the perfect target for John’s scheme—she’s a woman with nothing to lose. A contractual obligation is born and Jenna gets her second chance at the fame she craves.

John's double life is meticulously planned and concealed by the Association, a cult-like religious group made up of the Hollywood elite. The Association has the ability to make and break careers, forcing Jenna to play the part of the perfect fiancée or be obliterated by the Hollywood machine.

Will Jenna take the money? Or will she follow her heart?



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